Cat Face Camera Editor

Easily transform yourself into a funny face with a variety of cute sticker photos. Cat Face is one of the coolest photo editor, face swap and beauty makeup apps.
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Guide to use : Cat Face Camera Editor

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Selfie
  • Edit
  • Collage


  • Click on selfie button and allow the application to access your camera.
  • Capture photo and apply the live filter effect on camera.
  • Follow the same step of editing after capture camera selfie


  • Select the photo or capture photo.
  • Apply Awesome photo filter effects : click on filter effect button choose filter and click over it to apply.
  • Click on frame button and choose Awesome photo frame and click over the frame to apply frame on photo.
  • Click on stickers button choose stickers category.
  • Choose funny emoji, cool stickers on photo.
  • Click on overlays button and choose the photo overlay effect click over the overlay to apply.
  • click on vignette button and set the vignette effect.
  • click on lighting button and set photo lighting effect : Brightness, contrast, sharpness etc.
  • click on blur button and choose the shape outer site of shape will blur.


  • Click on collage button and choose photos for collage.
  • select 2-5 minimum photo.
  • click on + icon to add more photo.
  • Choose the collage style and set the photo.
  • double click on photo to zoomIn or zoomOut.
  • click on sticker tab and apply cool and funny sticker.
  • click on background button and set the collage background photo.
  • Click on text button and write your text.
  • Set the color, font style and click on Accept button and arrange text on collage photo.
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