Sweet Candy – Selfie, Sticker

You can take beauty selfies with filters in seconds! Sweet Selfie Camera is just perfect! Uniquely and professionally created Beauty filters are here.
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Guide to use : Sweet Candy – Selfie, Sticker

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Camera : Capture photo.
  • Selfie : Capture photo with effect.
  • EDIT
  • Click on Selfie button and capture photo, You can also apply effect on camera and apply funny and cool stickers.
  • Click on Gallery icon or choose photo from Gallery.

How to edit photo ?

  • Follow the same steps in selfie edit photo.
  • click on edit button and choose photo from your gallery.
  • setting of photo rotation and flip.
  • click on check button to continue edit
  • After flip edit tools comes on your screen click on effect button and apply filter effect on photo.
  • Click on frames button choose frame and click over it to apply frame on photo.
  • Click on sticker button and choose sticker type and apply cool and funny stickers on photo.
  • click on overlay button to apply photo overlay on photo.
  • click on Vignette button and set the image vignette of photo.
  • click on lighting button and set brightness, contrast and sharpness of photo.
  • Click on Enhance button and set photo enhancement of photo.
  • Click on Blur button and choose design, outer side of select frame will blur.

How to make collage photo ?

  • Click on collage button and select multiple photos for collage.
  • click on continue arrow button.
  • Select the collage button and select the collage style and set photo in collage.
  • Click on stickers icon and choose stickers and click over photo to apply stickers on collage photo.
  • Click on text icon button and write your text, choose font color and font style and click on accept button to set text on collage.
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