Avatarify: Cartoon Face Animator

Anime Maker is the funniest face changer app which can totally transform your look from cute, funny to scary faces.

Anime Maker is the funniest face changer app which can totally transform your look from cute, funny to scary faces.

Face Avatar personalized avatars can be more effective on social media than traditional photos. Create your face to cartoon face avatar easily.

Avatar Creator is best power full photo editor and avatar create you can make a beauty full looks.

If you are looking for Face Emoji and Avatar Maker then this app is best for you.

Our avatar creator let you stand out from the crowd while still being yourself. This app not only creates a unique, personalized, cartoon for you, but also makes you a character creator with personalized stickers and emojis. Make your own character, wow friends and followers with colorful stickers and gifs starring you! Go a step further and use our photo editing tools to insert your avatar into real-life photos: all using one powerful cartoon face app !

Step 1: Lunch Avatarify avtar creator emoji avatar stickers & cartoon maker application in your device to create amazing avatars.

  • After lunch the application click on camera icon to capture your photo, or click on gallery icon to select your photo from your gallery or make amazing avatar using avatar creator.
  • After select your photo stickers button will on your screen click on stickers button and choose stickers category, there is multiple avatar stickers to select: Face mask, eyes, eye & Nose, stickers, crown and mustache.

Step 2: you will be provided with a stickers option on the left side of the screen to change your facial features and reinvent your face with severe acuteness.

  • ‘Eyes’ feature will allow you to try a lot of different eyes on your face as a first step toward making your avatar and anime face.

Step 3:  Apply any face mask from a variety of options available through the ‘Face Mask’ icon.

  • The features of your ear or nose can also be changed by using the ‘Ear and nose’ icon.

Step 4: A crown on the royalty that you are is rather magnificent. You can put different types of crowns on your head through the crown feature.

  • Mustaches are an appropriate feature to add to your redefined avatar by using the ‘Mustaches’ icon.

Step 5: Filters’ option is also available to add artistic features and filters to your avatar. 

  • Choose any one of the filters available such as Lomo, Beauty, Mirror, and many more.

Enjoy using this fantastic tool to save efforts and time!