Photo Frames Offline - Picture Editor, Simple and Private Sharing

Wanna make your social media uploads a little unique and more attractive? But who has the time to add the filter & Frames

Wanna make your social media uploads a little unique and more attractive? But who has the time to first add the filter then download a frame of your choice and finally get another app to adjust it all well, thus we bring you Photo Frames Online. This app lets you do all this in one place offline with a user friendly interface and multiple sharing options.  

It is incorporated with various uniquely designed frames for you to select from. Pick out a photo from the picture gallery of your smartphone or take a photograph from the camera and use these photo frames to beautify it. It engages you with various effects on your photo like Sepia, Black & White, grayscale, and more! Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out the photo to fit the photo frame as you like.

Instant sharing on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social networking platforms.

Step 1: After you launch the app you will be presented with Templates and My Images two tools.

Step 2: Next you will be taken to a screen   to select a frame of your choice from a vast collection of stunning frames in   all kinds of categories such as animal, celebration, birthday, party, glamour   etc.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected your frame, you will see an option of choosing a your favorite template.

Step 4: Once you select an image  you will see it in the pre selected frame. 

  • Click on backgrounds Icon and change backgrounds image on your template.

Step 5:   write your text in any size, font, color while adjusting it on the image. 

Step 6: You can add filter effects from the wide variety, add from an eye catching collection of your template.

Step 7: Click on Stickers icon and add your favorite stickers on your template creation.

Step 8: Click on Gallery Icon and add Photo as a stickers on your template.

Step 9: Finally click on ‘save’ to store your final image and share with your friends or family through our various social media sharing options.