Video Maker and Editor for Kids

Movie Maker for Kids is the ultimate video and image editing tool designed specifically for your children. It offers a range of features, including options to trim, merge, edit videos, extract audio, apply filters and transitions, and much more.

This feature allows you to pick one or more videos from your personal library to edit by adding filters, effects, stickers/emojis for particular durations or by adding texts.

Want to save all your memories with a beautiful yet creative way? Collect all your special pictures and compile them into a stunning slideshow with unique transitions.

Can’t find the right audio? Extract it from the video you saw it in for the first time with the ‘convert video to Mp3’ feature without any hassles.

Easily trim any video and make it into a new film or use any part of an existing movie to make your piece more interesting and entertaining with Movie Maker.

Got background noises in the video capturing your precious memories? We’ve got your back with our Movie Maker Mute feature.

Want to add some beats to your boring old videos and make them more entertaining? Then you’ve come to the right place!