Video Maker and Editor for Kids

Movie maker for Kids is the ultimate video and image editing tool for your kids which includes options to trim, merge, edit videos, extract audio, apply filters and transitions and much more.

Movie Maker for Kids is the ultimate video and image editing tool designed for your kids. It includes options to trim, merge, edit videos, extract audio, apply filters, transitions, and much more.

This app is specifically aimed at children, encouraging them to create their own short films and stories. They can easily share their creations with friends and family by uploading their hard work on various social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, which are supported by the app.

It’s an all-in-one app for Windows 10 users. You can make a slideshow of images and save it as a video file with background music. Design a beautiful memory using your best pictures and create more engaging videos with this app.

Do you want to preserve all your memories in a beautiful and creative way? Gather all your special pictures and compile them into a stunning slideshow with unique transitions. You can control the exact duration of each picture. Personalize your slideshow by using delightful frames or fun stickers, and add text anywhere in any size, color, or font. Finally, set background music to make it a perfect video.

Step 1: Installation

Upon successfully installing the “Video Maker and Editor for Kids” app on your system, open the application. Click on the “Slideshow” button to initiate the process of creating a slideshow video. You will then be prompted to select the pictures you wish to include in your slideshow.

Step 2: Adding Music

Next, navigate to the “Music” icon within the app interface. Click on this icon to seamlessly integrate music into your slideshow, enhancing the overall audio-visual experience.

Step 3: Enhancing Visual Appeal

Now, let’s add transitions to infuse creativity into your slideshow. Select from a variety of transitions to make your pictures appear in innovative and captivating ways, enhancing the overall entertainment value of your video.

Step 4: Choosing the Perfect Aspect Ratio

After incorporating transitions, it’s time to select the ideal aspect ratio for your video. Choose from various aspect ratio options to ensure your video is perfectly tailored to your preferences and suits the platform you intend to share it on. This step allows you to optimize the visual presentation of your slideshow.

Step 5: Introducing New Elements

To further enrich your slideshow, click on the “Add Clip” button. This enables you to seamlessly incorporate new photo or video clips into your presentation, providing variety and depth to your creation.

Step 6: Elevating Visual Appeal with Effects

Explore the “Effects” button to enhance your slideshow with captivating filter effects. This feature allows you to add a creative touch, making your slideshow visually appealing and unique. Experiment with different effects to achieve the desired aesthetic for your project.

Step 7: Personalizing with Text and Stickers

  • Utilize the “Text” button to seamlessly incorporate text into your slideshow video clip. Modify font style, text color, opacity, and other text properties to tailor the textual elements to your liking.

Step 8: Saving and Sharing Your Masterpiece

  • Once you’ve perfected your slideshow, ensure to save your work. Click on the save button to preserve your creative endeavor.
  • Now, share your masterpiece with friends and family using our multiple sharing options available on various social media platforms. Relish in the joy of sharing your special moments with your loved ones, creating lasting memories that can be enjoyed by everyone.