Slideshow Movie Maker - Video With Music

Slide show movie maker is one of the best tool for transition for your added photos and videos.
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Guide to use : Slideshow Movie Maker - Video With Music

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Slideshow
  • Video Trimmer
  • Add Music
  • Mute Video
  • Click on Gallery button and choose photos for making slideshow video with music.
  • choose 5-6 photo minimum to slideshow video.
  • click on Transition button and to choose Transition effect for slideshow video.
  • Click on Music icon and add music to video.
  • click on play icon to listen music and click on the Add button to add music to video.
  • You can also add local media music click on choose file button and choose media from media file .
  • After add music click on add button to apply.
  • Awesome Transition effect for slideshow video.
  • Lot’s of Transition style to choose, click on transition effect to apply.
  • Click on the next button to continue edit slideshow video.
  • After that select rspect ratio of video lot’s of social media ratio available to select.  
  • Click on duration icon and set the photo slideshow interval time to slide.
  • save and share video easily click on saved file button to open file location.
  • share video on social network easily.

How to trim video

  • Click on the Video trim button and choose the video file from your storage.
  • Set the starting & ending time of video.
  • Choose the video size.
  • choose the video quality.
  • Click on save button after set all the setting,
  • Your file saved and showing the location of your file.

Add Music

  • Click on Add  music button and choose video from gallery.
  • After that click on Add music button and choose music and setting your music and click on save button to save video.

Mute Video

  • Click on mute video button and click on choose video and choose your video from gallery.
  • Click on Mute video button to mute your video.