Coin Collection Challenge

Challenge yourself with this classic game and rejuvenate your mind in just a few minutes.

If you love puzzles but don’t have more than a few minutes every day to sit and set up an elaborate one, we have just the thing for you: the Coin Collection Challenge. It’s a basic 2D game involving coins and bags that challenges you and exercises your brain. The game is easy to comprehend, as it doesn’t have a set of complicated rules that consume your precious time in understanding what to do once you’ve launched it.

The objective is to move a total of 6 coins into 6 separate bags, one coin at a time, through a block maze designed to make you think and focus. It forces you to think two steps ahead, sharpening your brain, and includes 50 levels with increasing difficulty as you progress.

Challenge yourself with this classic game and refresh your mind in just a few minutes. It’s great for relaxing or taking a break from your extensive and busy work life.

Step 1:-  Upon launching the game, you will encounter a screen featuring a “play” button. Clicking on it will direct you to your respective game stage.

Step 2:-  Once you’re on the game screen, your task is to play by moving the coins one by one into any of the 6 bags located on the other end of the screen.

Step 3:- At the top left of your screen, you’ll find three options – undo, redo, and restart the stage.

  • Undo: Click on this to reconsider a particular move or correct a mistake.
  • Redo: Click on this if you accidentally undid a necessary move.
  • Restart Stage: If at any point you feel that you can’t win the stage with your current moves and progress, you have the option of starting from square 1!

Step 4:-  Once you’ve successfully filled all the bags, you will be prompted to press any key on your keyboard to proceed to the next level.