Slideshow Movie Maker - Video With Music

Discover the magic of our fantabulous app, designed to turn ordinary pictures into mesmerizing masterpieces with its unique combinations of effects and overlays. Unleash your creativity and elevate your images to a whole new level!

SlideShow Movie Maker stands out as one of the best slideshow makers and video editing apps, weaving your photos into a captivating video that preserves your cherished memories. With an array of attractive features and soulful background music, this app offers a seamless way to relive your moments.

Simply choose photos from your gallery and effortlessly create a slideshow by incorporating effects, music, texts, and adjusting image durations. Take a nostalgic journey through your memories, from your child’s first steps to high school graduation, and keep these precious moments at the forefront of your mind.

Explore innovative slide transition effects, vibrant filters, default or customized audios, fun stickers, and creative effects like waves and rotating tiles. Add a blur effect and highlight text to enhance your video.

Trimming and merging videos is a breeze with SlideShow Movie Maker. Create new movies in just a few minutes, easily mute individual clip’s background music, and replace it with your own audio for a personalized touch.

The slideshow feature lets you beautifully compile your special pictures with unique transitions and precise duration control for each image. Personalize your slideshow further with delightful frames, fun stickers, and texts in any size, color, or font. Complete the experience by setting the perfect background music for a truly enchanting video.

Step 1:- Begin by launching the app and clicking on ‘slideshow.’ The next step is to select ‘add photos,’ where you can choose the images you want to include in your slideshow. Once you’ve finished selecting the pictures, you’ll notice them arranged in the order you chose. Navigate to the ‘next’ option located at the bottom right to proceed.

Step 2:- After clicking ‘next,’ you’ll be prompted to decide whether you want to add music to your slideshow. If you’d like a musical touch, click on ‘Add music.’ This will take you to a convenient drop-down menu featuring pre-installed music themes. Additionally, you have the option to select a song from your personal music library for a more personalized soundtrack.

Step 3:- After selecting your music, you’ll encounter a variety of innovative transitions to choose from. Dive into the creativity and enhance your photo slideshow video by adding an amazing transition effect. Explore the options and find the perfect transition to make your slideshow visually stunning.

Step 4:- Finally, you’ll reach the stage where you can choose the aspect ratio for your movie. Following that, you have the freedom to select the duration for each photograph in your slideshow. Tailor your movie to perfection by customizing these settings to suit your vision.

Step 5:- Congratulations! Your slideshow is now ready. You have the option to save your slideshow video as is, or if you’d like to fine-tune it further, explore these additional tools:

  1. Settings Button: Click on the settings button to choose the canvas ratio. There are numerous social media ratios available for you to pick from.

  2. Fit/Fill Button: Click on the fit/fill button to customize the background. Choose between a blur or color background that complements the fit ratio.

  3. Transition Button: Click on the transition button to add an amazing transition effect to your photo slideshow. Explore the options and select the one that enhances your visual storytelling.

  4. Photo Button: Click on the photo button to adjust the time duration of your slideshow. Fine-tune the pacing to create the perfect narrative for your memories.

Explore these tools and make your slideshow truly yours!

Step 6:- Enhance the visual appeal of your slideshow even further by applying realistic filter effects. Click on the ‘Filter’ button, and explore the various filters available. Choose any filter that resonates with your style and click to apply the effect to your slideshow video. Watch as your memories come to life with an extra touch of creativity and flair!

Step 7:- To expand your slideshow, click on the ‘Add Photo and Video’ button. This feature allows you to seamlessly incorporate additional clips and photos into your slideshow, enabling you to include more items and create a richer visual narrative.

Step 8:- Now that you’ve perfected your slideshow, save the final draft to a local folder. Share the magic with friends and family by utilizing our multiple sharing options, tailor-made for various social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and more. Let your memories shine and create lasting impressions!