Slideshow Movie Maker - Video With Music

A fantabulous app to make pictures mesmerizing with unique combinations of effects and overlays,

SlideShow Movie Maker is one of the best Slideshow maker & Video Editing apps to merge photos in a video and preserve your memories with attractive features and soulful music in the background. Choose pics from the gallery and make a slideshow out of it by adding effects, music, texts, setting duration of images etc. and always be able to take a trip down memory lane with the help of your movies. 

Capture everything from your child’s first steps to their first day of school to high school graduation and watch it again and again to always keep your precious journey in the forefront of your mind and close to your heart!

Play around with innovative slide transition effects, vibrant filters, default or customised audios, fun stickers and creative effects like waves, rotating tiles etc. Add blur effect and highlight added text effect on your video.

Trim videos with ease and make new movies by merging them in just a few short minutes. Not only is trimming videos very easy with SlideShow Movie Maker but it also comes with the feature of muting them. Don’t want some individual clip’s background music to put a stop to the fun, mute it and add your own audio!

Trim Video: Easily trim any video and make it into a new film or use any part of an existing movie to make your piece more interesting and entertaining with Movie Maker. Easily merge trimmed videos and compile them into a beautiful video collection.

Step 1: Lunch Slideshow Movie Maker – Video With Music application in your device and click on video Trimmer button and choose your video from your file.

Step 2: Once Choose Video select starting or ending time of video, means start point where video start or where video end.

  • there are more features in this application with trimming, link blur background, format and resolution of video.

Step 3: Now You can add background of your trim video choose blur background in desired option.

Step 4: Once you’ve selected your video, you will see the options of choosing your desired format from a drop-down menu including Mp3, MOV,   Quick time, WMV, etc. 

Step 5: Choose your desired resolution as well and thus manipulate the size required for the video. 

Step 6: After You have done click on save button and wait a moment your video is saving in your location.