Slideshow Movie Maker - Video With Music

Discover a fantastic app that transforms pictures into mesmerizing works of art with its unique combinations of effects and overlays.

SlideShow Movie Maker stands out as one of the premier slideshow creators and video editing apps. Seamlessly merge your cherished photos into captivating videos, preserving your memories with a blend of attractive features and soulful background music. Simply choose pictures from your gallery and craft a personalized slideshow by adding effects, music, texts, and adjusting image durations. Take a nostalgic journey through your movies, reliving moments from your child’s first steps to high school graduation, keeping your precious memories at the forefront of your mind and close to your heart.

Explore a range of innovative slide transition effects, vibrant filters, default or customized audio tracks, fun stickers, and creative effects like waves and rotating tiles. Enhance your videos with blur effects and highlight added text for a personalized touch.

With SlideShow Movie Maker, trimming videos is a breeze. Create new movies by merging clips in just a few minutes. Not only does the app make trimming videos easy, but it also allows you to mute them. Say goodbye to interruptions—mute the background music of individual clips and add your own audio to keep the fun going!

Easily trim any video, turning it into a new film or using specific segments from existing movies to make your piece more interesting and entertaining. Merge trimmed videos effortlessly, compiling them into a beautiful collection that tells your unique story.

Step 1:-  Launch the Slideshow Movie Maker – Video With Music application on your device and click on the video Trimmer button. Choose your video from your files.

Step 2:-  Once you’ve selected the video, choose the starting or ending time of the video. Determine the start point where the video begins or where it ends.

Step 3:-  Now, you can add a background to your trimmed video by selecting the desired blur background option.

Step 4:-  After selecting your video, you will see options for choosing your desired format from a drop-down menu, including MP3, MOV, QuickTime, WMV, etc.

Step 5:-  Choose your desired resolution to manipulate the size required for the video.

Step 6:-  Once you have finished, click on the save button and wait for a moment as your video is saved in your chosen location.