Slideshow Movie Maker - Video With Music

Discover a fantabulous app that transforms pictures into mesmerizing works of art with its unique combinations of effects and overlays.

SlideShow Movie Maker is an exceptional app for creating captivating slideshows and editing videos. Preserve your memories with attractive features, soulful background music, and a range of creative effects. Choose photos from your gallery, add effects, music, texts, and set durations to craft a personalized journey. From your child’s first steps to high school graduation, relive your precious moments with innovative slide transitions, vibrant filters, and fun stickers. Experiment with effects like waves and rotating tiles, and enhance your video with blur and highlighted text. Trim videos effortlessly and create new movies by merging clips in just minutes. Mute individual clip background music or add your own audio for a customized experience!

Mute Video:-  Got background noises in the video capturing your precious memories? We’ve got your back with our Movie Maker Mute feature. Mute any background noises from your videos and add music of your choice. Share the finished piece with your friends and family and enjoy it together!

Step 1:-  Click on ‘Mute Video,’ and a pop-up window will appear asking you to select a video file. Click on the ‘Select a Video File’ button and choose your video from your files to mute the video.

Step 2:-  After selecting a video, click on the ‘Mute Video‘ button and wait a moment for the process to proceed. Once you have done that, it will be saved in your media file.

Step 3:-  Once everything is done, your file is saved, and you’ll see the path and a folder open button to check your file.