Movie maker for Kids is the ultimate video and image editing tool for your kids which includes options to trim, merge, edit videos, extract audio, apply filters and transitions and much more. 

This app is aimed at children and encourages them to make their own short films and stories and share them with their friends and family by uploading their hard work on various social media handles such as Youtube or Instagram which are supported by the app. 

It’s an all in one app for Windows 10 users, make a slide-show of images and save it as a video file with background music.Design a beautiful memory out of your best pictures and create more engaging videos by using this app.

Want to add some beats to your boring old videos and make them more entertaining? Then you’ve come to the right place! Use the Movie Maker for Kids to add background music to any video in any format as most of them are supported. Make your videos entertaining by choosing fun catchy tunes from our pre-installed music themes or choose one from your own personal library. 

Step 1: After you launch the app, click on ‘Add Bg Music’ and you will be   asked to select a video file from your personal library.

Step 2: As soon as you’ve selected the video, you will see an option to ‘add   music’ on the forefront of the screen. Click on it to see the list of   pre-installed music themes. 

  • If you want to add a song from your personal library then click on the ‘choose file’ from the bottom of the screen.
  • Once added, you can save your video to any local folder or share with   friends and family through various social media handles and enjoy it   together!