Photo + Music = Video

The amazing “Photo Video Maker” app lets you create a wonderful photo slideshow out of beautiful photos to share your story with your friends and family.

Introducing the groundbreaking Photo + Music = Video app, making the creation of beautiful slideshows through photo merging easier than ever! Utilize the app to craft stunning slideshows effortlessly, drawing from your personal photo library. Share these visual delights with friends and family, sipping tea on a leisurely Sunday morning.

Select any number of photographs and transform them into fabulous videos, infusing personalized background music and themes to achieve perfection. Dive into a realm of creativity by experimenting with a variety of slide transition effects, vibrant filters, default or customized audios, playful stickers, and unique creative effects like waves, rotating tiles, and more.

Enhance your videos further by adding a blur effect and highlighting any added text effects. Trim and merge videos seamlessly, creating new movies within a few short minutes. The app empowers you to mute individual clips’ background music, allowing you to infuse your own audio and sustain the enjoyment!

Download the Photo + Music = Video app now and unleash your creativity, transforming ordinary photos into extraordinary videos that capture and share the essence of precious moments.

Follow these steps to edit your videos using the “Photo + Music = Video” app:-

  1. Open the “Photo + Music = Video” app to start editing your videos.
  2. Click on the “Add Music” button to incorporate background music into your video.
  3. Choose a video file from your device by clicking on “Select Video File,” then click “OK” or “Select” to load the video.
  4. Opt for background music from the given choices or click on “Add Local File” to include a music file from your device.
  5. Adjust the music to synchronize with the video. If the music is shorter than the video, enable the “Repeat Music” option. Fine-tune the volume by dragging right to increase video volume or left to increase music volume.
  6. Trim the music by selecting the “Trim Music” option and setting the starting or ending time of the music.
  7. Replace the existing music by clicking on “Replace Music” and selecting a new music file.
  8. Once you’ve adjusted the music to your satisfaction, click on the “Save” button to preserve your video.
  9. Click “Save” again to store your video file in your media folder. Now, you’re ready to share your customized video with your social connections.