Photo + Music = Video

The amazing “Photo Video Maker” app lets you create a wonderful photo slideshow out of beautiful photos to share your story with your friends and family.

With the all-new Photo + Music = Video app, creating beautiful slideshows by merging photos has never been easier!Use the app to create stunning slideshows using your personal photo library, and enjoy watching them with friends and family over a nice cup of tea on a lazy Sunday morning.Choose any number of photographs and create fabulous videos with customized background music and themes to make them perfect!Experiment with various innovative slide transition effects, vibrant filters, default or customized audios, fun stickers, and creative effects such as waves, rotating tiles, and more.Add a blur effect and highlight any added text effect in your videos.Easily trim videos and merge them to create new movies in just a few short minutes. The app also allows you to mute individual clips’ background music, so you can add your own audio and keep the fun going!

Follow the steps:-

  1. Open the “Photo + Music = Video” app to edit your videos.
  2. Click on the “Add Music” button to add background music to your video.
  3. Click on “Select Video File” to choose a video file from your device and click on “OK” or “Select” to load the video.
  4. Click on any of the given choices to select them as the background music or click on “Add Local File” to add a music file from your device.
  5. Adjust the music with the video. If the music is not longer than the video, check the “Repeat Music” box. Adjust the volume by dragging right to increase video volume or left to increase music volume.
  6. Trim the music by selecting the “Trim Music” option and setting the starting or ending time of the music.
  7. Replace the music by clicking on “Replace Music” and selecting a new music file.
  8. Once you have adjusted the music to your liking, click on the “Save” button to save your video.
  9. Click on the “Save” button again to save your video file in your media file. You can now share your video with your social connections.