Invitation Maker RSVP Maker

Invitation Maker is the coolest application to use for creating special event invitations. From the convenience of your device, you can quickly design fun and exciting greeting cards.

In these times of the pandemic, and with the world already transitioning to a paperless economy, Evites or online invites are the only options left to host and inform your guest list. Therefore, to create beautiful Evites effortlessly and share them across multiple social media platforms instantly, we present the Invitation Maker RSVP.

Invitation Maker is the coolest application for crafting special event invitations. From the convenience of your device, you can quickly create classy and elegant cards using Invitation Maker’s card maker features or add fun and exciting stickers to make them more creative. Choose from a variety of graphic design elements to embellish your invitation cards.

Create cards in just a minute and share them within the group, among friends and family to quickly invite them without any hassle.

Make special event invitation cards from your smart Windows phone now! You can create awesome greeting invitation cards instantly.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making RSVP maker invitations now.

Don’t have the time to design a card from scratch? No worries! The app provides you with well-designed cards, where you just need to input your details. They come in various categories such as birthdays, weddings, showers, parties, festival celebrations, etc., each offering numerous options in unique colors and beautiful, intricate designs.

Step 1:-  Upon launching the app, you will encounter two options: ‘ReadyMade’ and ‘Create.

Step 2:-  Choosing ‘ReadyMade’ takes you to pre-saved invites within the application, while selecting ‘Create’ leads you to a brand new canvas for crafting custom invitations.

Step 3:- Once you’ve selected ‘ReadyMade,’ you’ll see four occasions to choose from: Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, and Celebrations.

Step 4:-  After selecting your occasion, you will be directed to a page featuring numerous designs to choose from.

Step 5:-  Once you’ve chosen the design, you will be directed to an editing screen with a menu at the bottom. Click on the first option, ‘BG,’ to add a pre-saved background image.

Step 6:-  Click on ‘Text’ to write in any font, color, size, style, etc., and place it on the invite as you prefer.

Step 7:-  Next, click on ‘Effects’ to add vibrant elements such as hearts, sunlight, sunset, gradients, etc.

Step 8:-  Enhance the invitation’s appeal by adding fun and creative emojis or images using the next two options.

Step 9:-  Finally, save your work to a local folder and utilize our multiple sharing options to effortlessly invite family and friends together in one go!