Photo + Music = Video

The amazing “Photo Video Maker” app lets you create a wonderful photo slideshow out of beautiful photos to share your story with your friends and family.

Merging photos to make a beautiful slideshow was never easier than now with the all-new Photo + Music = Video app. Create wonderful slideshows with stunning pictures from your personal library and enjoy the videos with friends and family on a nice Sunday Morning over your first cup of tea. 

Add soulful music to these videos with the help of our user-friendly app in just a few taps and enjoy entertaining musical shows at home with the feels of a real theatre. 

Select any number of photographs and create fabulous videos with themes and customized background music to make it perfect!

Play around with innovative slide transition effects, vibrant filters, default or customised audios, fun stickers and creative effects like waves, rotating tiles etc.  

Add blur effect and highlight added text effect on your video.

Trim videos with ease and make new movies by merging them in just a few short minutes. Not only is trimming videos very easy with SlideShow Movie Maker but it also comes with the feature of muting them. Don’t want some individual clip’s background music to put a stop to the fun, mute it and add your own audio!

Run “Photo + Music = Video” to edit your videos.

  • Find Video Trimmer button and click on it. 

Click on the option Trimming, you will be asked to select videos from your files on your computer. Choose your file from your computer.

Trim your videos from the beginning or end to make it of any size.

  • At the very bottom of your screen, you will see the “end time” option and from there you can select the time duration at which you want to end your trimmed video.

  • To Choose Your video Background click on desired option button and choose blur background option to make blur background.

Click on desired format button and choose your video desired format, You can choose desired format from the list and click on save to save your video in your selected format.

Click on desired resolution button and choose your video desired resolution , You can choose desired resolution from the list and click on save to save your video in your selected resolution.

Click on save button to save your video file in your media file, you can share your video with your social connection.