Love Video Maker With Music

Craft a stunning photo slideshow with the elegant ‘Love Video Maker with Music’ app and share your heartwarming love story with loved ones.

The ‘Love Video Maker with Music’ is an elegant app that allows you to create a stunning photo slideshow using beautiful photos to share your love story with your friends and family. It is the easiest way to merge all your best pictures into a video with custom background music, love and heart themes, and filters. With its built-in photo editing tool, you can edit each image separately, making your slideshow even more beautiful. This is a must-have slideshow creator software for your Windows 10 device.


A. Video Maker with Love Frames

Select any number of photos to create a video. Add a theme to your video to make it fabulous. Add background music to your slideshow by selecting music from the list or adding your custom music to make it perfect. Apply filters with stunning overlay effects. Save your video and access it instantly. A separate sharing page is specially designed to let you share your video easily on social media, email or message.

B. Photo Editor Tool

Edit each photo in your slideshow separately by selecting an image from the list. Add a border frame to your picture by choosing any from a set of lovely frames. Add cute stickers to your photo from a categorized list that includes multiple categories – cat face, flush, ear, mouth, glass, heart, sun, text quotes, emotion, tattoo. Set the blur background of your current image. Apply effects to your picture with a collection of specially designed customized Lumia effects. Add custom text with font color and styles.

Love Video Maker with Music‘ is a free slideshow maker app for all Windows 10 devices that lets you create excellent video/memory and share it with your loved ones easily.

Step 1:-

  • After downloading the application, click on the Video Editor and choose a Video from your system file.
  • Click on the ‘Canvas‘ option and choose the aspect ratio for your video creation. The app provides popular social media aspect ratios that you can easily select.

Step 2:-

  • Select the ‘Split‘ option and split the video along the magenta line.
  • The ‘Copy‘ option enables you to copy your current video clip.

Step 3:-

  • The ‘Crop‘ option allows you to adjust the size of your video clip by cropping it from the left, right, top, or bottom to achieve the desired result.
  • The ‘Delete‘ option helps you to remove any copied video clip.
  • The ‘Properties‘ option enables you to move stickers and text to different layers and adjust the video volume.

Step 4:-

  • After that, choose the ‘Add Layer‘ option to apply a layer onto your current video clip.
  • You can then use the ‘Transition‘ option to add various transition effects to enhance your video clip. 
  • Select the ‘Filter Effect‘ option to choose from a range of trendy filter effects to apply to your video clip.

Step 5:-

  • Select the ‘Audio’ option and add music to your video clip. The app provides many default music options for you to choose from, or you can click on the ‘Choose File’ and ‘Upload’ option to add your favorite music to your current video clip.
  • The ‘Stickers‘ option enables you to add stickers to your video clip, making it even more awesome. Check your grammar and write correctly.

Step 6:-

  • Afterward, choose the ‘Text’ option to add a name or text to your created video clip. You can customize the font color, text color, opacity, and other settings.
  • You can use the ‘Add Clip’ option to add additional video clips to your current video clip.

Well done, you have completed the process! To save your newly created video clip, click on the ‘Save’ button and save it on your system. Alternatively, click on the ‘Save As‘ button to choose a folder and save your video in a specific location.